Events in Izvor

We hosted these events in the past. Come back to this site to find future events!

  • Thanksgiving

    Most of the time we try to blend in to our local culture with varying degrees of success. We can adapt our dress, hair and eating habits, but something about us still whispers "foreigner". Holidays like Thanksgiving give us the opportunity to use our American heritage as a way to connect with new people and share some of our traditions. Each year we host an Open House for Thanksgiving. We make traditional American foods, prepare a program that teaches something about the holiday and open our doors to the public.


    Twice each year (autumn and spring), we provide seminars on various leadership topics. We do this in conjunction with very experienced business leaders from large US-based companies.

  • Izvor Film Festival

    Every year in the Izvor Center we have an Izvor Film Festival. The goal of this project is to provide ten high schools from the Sarajevo Canton with the opportunity to learn more about the history of film, as well as the basics of its realization. They were given the opportunity to shoot and monitor their own film with the help of film and performing arts professionals. Film screenings were held at the Cinema City, where the awards for best film, screenplay, actor, actress, teamwork, direction, and teamwork were announced.

    You can watch the films from Izvor Film Festivals on our You Tube channel, Izvor Centar.

  • Art Exhibits

    Our space at Izvor has given us the opportunity to showcase some incredible talent over the years. Highlighted are some of the exhibits we have hosted:

    • A student video works and masters work by Amele Ajanovic entitled "Less is More" 
    • A photography exhibit "Linija 21" from Arnej Misirlic
    • A tribute to opera singer Ljiljana Molnar
    • A special exhibit shown during our Thanksgiving Open House from the students at a local art high school called "Harvest".
    • An artwork exhibit by The Center for Hearing and Speaking Rehabilitation. Their preschoolers displayed their different types of artwork using different types of techniques, for example, painting on glass, pictures made from items you can eat, and painting using water. Their exhibit was entitled "Magic Wand at Work."
  • Berlin Hearts

    Izvor Center was pleased to host a photography exhibit from Berlin, Germany on April 25, 2015. Berlin connects and brings together what belongs together, and in doing so does not differentiate. People from the whole world are moving to Berlin, families will be founded, hearts will be won, and cultures will be united. "BERLIN hearts" portrays families and couples from diverse cultural backgrounds in their living rooms and reports how they got to know each other and why they are actually in Berlin. Artists: Benjamin Kunde, 36, Bremen, Germany - father, educator, musician, social entrepreneur and event-manager; lives in and loves Berlin. What interests me most about Berlin are the stories people have to tell about themselves. "BERLIN hearts" allows me to tell my own story as well, since my wife comes from India. Ekaterina Koroleva, 27, Moscow, Russia - studied journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University; independently studied photography; now lives in Berlin. It fascinates me that so many people from different nations and cultures live here together! This shapes the face of Berlin and motivated me to start "BERLIN hearts".

  • Miss Irby project

    We invite you to an event organized by three organizations: Dobre Kote, the Association Every Student and the Izvor Foundation, which for the first time started the realization of the project "The Miss Irby project". The idea of  the project is to encourage young people to be part of the changes they want to see in their society. The idea will be realized through education in schools, and practical work, and through the reparation of public spaces.

    The inspiration for this project is Adeline Paulina Irby, of English descent, who came to Sarajevo 150 years ago and started a school for poor girls.

    This weekend, Saturday, 10.6. and on Sunday, June 11, we had the first realization of the project by the students of the Second Gymnasium, whose goal was to renovate the space in the passage between the buildings at 7-11 Husrefa Redžića Street and Merhemića Square in Ciglane. And here are a couple of photos from the first work action.

    While next weekend there is a work action in the area of  Hrasno in New Sarajevo.

    Everyone is invited and welcome to accompany this event with us.


    In 2016, we had an exhibition by Senad Tahmaz. Below we give you a part of his biography.

    Senad Tahmaz was born in 1980 in Sarajevo, where he lives and works. Freelance photographer. He has been actively involved in photography since 2009, when he exhibited for the first time at a collective exhibition of photographs. He is a member of the "Association for Art Photography of BiH" (AUFBiH), as well as a member of the Photo Video Club "Valter" from Sarajevo. So far, he has participated in 150 collective photo exhibitions in 20 different countries, on all 5 continents. He realized his first solo exhibition of photographs "Small City Stories" in 2013 as part of the cultural event "Museum Night 2013" in Novi Sad, Serbia. He has won 40 different awards, commendations and recognitions for his work. He acquired the photographic title "First Class Photographer", which is awarded by the Association of Art Photography of BiH in 2014. Two years later (2016) he acquired the internationally recognized title AFIAP (Artist FIAP), which is awarded for a special contribution to photography in the world by the International Association of Art Photography - Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) based in Brussels. He deals with various themes, genres and techniques of art photography, but mostly with street photography and portraits.




    Solo exhibition number: 365 SIF 2016