Adult English

1on1 English Conversation for Adults: Appointments are available. These are lessons tailored to fit each individual student and their language learning needs. Daytime appointments are available Tuesday through Thursday from 12-3 and evening appointments are available from 4-8. Cost is 15 KM/hour. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not previously attended our courses or have not studied with us in the past 6 months then you will need to complete a written and oral language evaluation before you can begin studying with us.

The next testing will be September 4 & 11 at 6pm.  Testing will be in Izvor Center. Registration is required.  Number of spaces is limited. 

You can sign up for classes on our Contact page! 

Kids' Corner

Learning English should be fun and that’s why we started Kids’ Corner! We help kids to improve their English through games, music, crafts and lots of other creative activities that help them to learn and love English.

The first group for children 5 to 7 years will be from 10:00 to 11:00. Cost is 25 KM.

The second group for children 8 to 10 years will be from 11:30 to 1:00. Cost is 40 KM.

Space is limited, and registration is required.

The next cycle of Kids' Corner starts on February 10.

You can sign up for classes on our Contact page!

Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds is a research-based curriculum used with the students* and adults of all ages with or without special learning needs. The program is comprised of 15 different games and activities with incremental levels of difficulty designed to increase working memory, attention and concentration, following directions, logic and reasoning, processing, and comprehension.

We help struggling students reach their full potential by focusing on strengthening and connecting pathways in the brain through daily cognitive development training and equipping parents and teachers in the process. 

* 20% of students in school experience: difficulty reading, distraction, inability to concentrate, struggle with comprehension, struggle making friends, miss the big picture, etc.  

You can sign up for classes on our Contact page!

Cooking Courses

The Izvor team loves to cook and we’d love to share some of our favorite recipes with all of you. It doesn’t matter if you are already a great cook or are afraid of the mere sight of the kitchen. This class is for everyone. This year the course will be on preparing American desserts. Several of our staff will be co-leading this course. Cost is 40 KM and the class will run for 4 weeks, beginning in October. A minimum of 5 students must be enrolled for this class to be held.

You can sign up for classes on our Contact page! 

Past Classes

Story Time

This reading group for children ages 3-5 and their parents encouraged families to read and play together. Each Saturday we had a new theme and kids and parents will enjoy an hour of reading great books, singing, crafts and so much more. Cost was 20 KM and the class ran every other Saturday for 4 weeks. Pre-registration was required. A minimum of 5 students must be enrolled for this class to be held. If your child is 6 years or older, please see our Kids Corner page to find out what we are hosting for your child. 

You can sign up for this class on our Contact Us page!

Card Making

Izvor was happy to offer an opportunity to learn some new techniques in making your own greeting cards. Students were given the opportunity to learn something new each class, creating some absolutely interesting, colorful and unique cards to be able to share with those they love!

We will notify you when we offer this class again in the future.

Microsoft Excel Course

Have you ever needed to make a spreadsheet or table but were overwhelmed with the details of how to get it done? This six-week course will help you learn the basics of Microsoft Excel so that you can more easily prepare reports and spreadsheets and organize information you need for work and home. PLEASE NOTE: All participants will need to have their own laptop with Microsoft Excel installed. Cost is 50 KM and the class will run for 6 weeks. Pre-registration is required. A minimum of 5 students must be enrolled for this class to be held. The meeting day and time for this class will be decided once enrollment is complete so that we can find a day and time that best suits all of you. 

You can sign up for classes on our Contact Us page!